ASSORTED MEDIA ASSORTED MEDIA 64740209 Mardi Gras mask papier-mache, beads, acrylic paint, feathers, glitter, sequins, wood, paper, ribbon. 48343794 Hand-made paper collage paper, twine, feathers, beads, glitter 48344851 Sculptured Book, pop-up paper, matboard, watercolor 48343781 Thicket Sentinel recycled wooden chair, suede, Navajo beaded strips, deer antlers, grape vines, papier-mache, feathers, acrylic paint and all for a good cause... auction item for woman's shelter. 48344852 Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate 48 x 60 wooden box, plastic, paper, caulking, foil, acetate, ribbon 48344853 All My Friends Marker and tempera are used to illustrate the diversity of friendship. 12 x 18 illustration board. 48768281 Mosaic Cross commissioned piece, 30 x 40, tile, glass, found ceramics, grout on a customized pine base. 64740212 Silk Painting tropical fish on silk, 8 x 14 64740214 Painted Silk Scarf original floral design hand-painted on 12 x 12 silk. 64740215 Tennescott dog, exterior sign 65986460 Annual Fund chart 71611980 Painted storage cubes designed to mirror bedding and window treatment. 71611981 hump-back toy box Grandma's toy box is home to a bunny, bluejay and a curious mouse. All hand-painted and finished with 2 coats of protective polyurethane. 114554446 sculpture "Of the Oak" clay, oak, plastic beads, feather, 1st Place International St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Art Contest 73710891 Sweatshirt 71611982 Jean jacket 71611983 Beverly Groneck Originals,llc Making your vision a reality! 64740210 Garden Girls, "Barn" garden shed 21 x 21 x 19, garden shed Handpainted exclusively for 98130682 Garden Girls, "Winter Lodge" garden shed 21 x 21 x 29, garden shed. Handpainted exclusively for 98130681 Garden Girls, "Song Birds" garden shed 21 x 21 x 29, garden shed Handpainted exclusively for 98130683 Garden Girls, "Duck" garden shed 21 x 21 x 19, garden shed Hanpainted exclusively for 98130684 Garden Girls, "Irish Cottage" Garden Shed 21 x 21 x 19, garden shed Handpainted exclusively for 98130685 CCC- 4x5 ft sculpture. box of ass't. chocolates 153411666 Garden Girls, "Pool" garden shed 21 x 21 x 19, garden shed handpainted exclusively for 98130687 Tiles painted with wine labels, installed 153425100 tiles painted with Tuscanscene 153425101 tiles painted with wine company labels 153425102 153408960 153408961 CCC - Chocolate Covered Strawberries, box of candy 153411664 CCC - Chocolate Covered Strawberries detail 153411665 Small Toy Box 153411669