Beverly Groneck Originals, llc

Multi-Media Artist

I can't remember a time when Art wasn't a part of my life.
When I'm still, I dream. When I dream, I can't remain still!
I'm inspired by just about everything around me.
Unleashed inspiration can be fatal to one's wholeness,
so to prevent prismatic combustion, I evolved into an artist! 
Though the core of my career is the painting of on-site murals,
I relish the hours, often stealing a few from the wee morning,
in my hubby-built studio. There, ideas spill onto multiple palettes;
acrylics on canvas, watercolor, sculptured paper books, graphic design,
charcoal, pastels, hand-marbled paper and calligraphy-
each medium favored for its distinct expression of line, color or texture.
Lost cultures, tribal lore and victims without voices tug at my soul and
often find their way onto idle, blank surfaces. They begin as guests
and end in friendships - always sharing more of themselves than I ever anticipated.
I mean to stir curiosity, concern or respect with the exhibition of each piece.
Whether sharing an intricate mosaic,
a grove of shadow-laden aspens or
a mighty whip of analogous colors,
my purpose remains the same, to invite you
to share in the celebration of something
of importance to me.
I hope that here you'll find a smile,
that you'll leave one and
that you'll return again and again
to share my journey.
If I can be assistance to you
in the materialization
of your vision, please contact me.
I've 22 years experience as an art educator;
all dedicated to transforming
other's ideas into unique creations.
It's really second nature!
Perhaps one of my whirling ideas belongs to you?